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My name is Toni Klemko. I am a retired professional dog trainer and have worked in the retail end of the animal business for 15 years. Dogs Wiggles & Grins offers a large inventory of dog collars, including adjustable, coupler, lupine/leather and the Martingale collar, which is designed for dogs whose necks are larger than their heads.

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EZ Harness Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 2.5# Jugs
Our Price: $29.99
Our Price: $24.99
EZ Harness Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 2.5# Jugs
The EZ Harness is a wonderful tool for those dogs that can not tolerate a collar at all. Dogs with eye, throat or back problems will benefit the most but this harness is the best for any kind of dog. I use this harness on my blind girl Nini, so if she pulls it doesn't attribute to pressure buildup in her eyes. Mined from the purest of deposits from prehistoric freshwater lake beds, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth consists of finely milled silica shells of ancient microscopic freshwater plants called diatoms. Of 600 deposits in the U.S., only 4 rate in purity by FDA standards to label as "Food Grade".
Double Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder Stainless Steel Crate Pan for Dog Crates Free Shipping 42" & 48"
Our Price: $81.99
Our Price: $117.99
Double Bowl Elevated Dog Feeder Stainless Steel Crate Pan for Dog Crates
The unique grain and natural beauty of our hand crafted Rubberwood Artisan Feeders enhanced by our soothing neutral finishes (natural or grey) creates a rich look. The Artisan Feeder is a new sophisticated option to today's standard stainless steel feeders. Style, functionality and durability come together in this raised, real wood dog food diner.
Our New Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Crate Pan Replacement means no more bent and chewed ABS crate pans. No more cracked pan bottoms. The Stainless Steel Crate Pan Replacement has it head and tails over the ABS pans. Buy your last dog crate pan replacement by making it a metal crate pan.