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West Paw Bed Washing Instructions
Last Updated: 10/26/2015
Need to clean your dog bed? No problem-these beds were designed to be washed again and again. You can wash the entire bed, cover and inner-pillows:

For quick Washes (cover only):
  • Machine Wash on COLD.COLD
  • Machine Dry on LOW heat

For deeper cleanings, you may wash the entire bed. Since every washer and dryer are different, we recommend different strategies to different people. If you have a machine that is known to be tough on clothing (catching or tearing fabric), then we suggest you leave the insert pillow in its cover during the wash. However, if your washer machine is a front loading machine with a gentle history, then you may separate the pillow insert from the cover, inspect inserts and wash all parts:

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD using GENTLE cycle
  • Machine Dry on LOW heat on AIR DRY (See note #2 below)

Important Notes:

  1. If there is a tear in the white covering, or if an area of weakness is noticed, be sure to have these areas fixed or replaced before washing. If a damaged pillow is washed, the IntelliLoft could clog drains (not to mention it's no fun to clean up).
  2. When drying our larger size beds, be sure that the bed is freely tumbling. If one area of the bed is pushed against the heating element and does not rotate, the heat could damage the fabric.
  3. Be sure to "zip close" any zippers. This helps protect the zipper during the wash and gives it longer life.

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