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Common Dog Medical Problems

  • Flies that bite Dogs

    There are different kinds of flies that bite. The most common is the stable fly. We used to call them horse flies. These flies can destroy a dog's ears and leave their chests and legs a mess.
  • The Deadly Tick

    Lyme disease is caused by the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi that is transmitted by Ixodes ticks (hard ticks). Ixodes scapularis (the deer tick) is the primary species in the Northeast that transmits Lyme disease. The highest incidence of Lyme disease is seen with the seasons of greatest tick activity-spring through summer. Approximately 90% of the cases of Lyme Disease occur on the East Coast. The East Coast is a Lyme Endemic area.
  • Heartworm Disease

    Heartworms are the most life-threatening canine worms, for they reside in the dog's heart and pulmonary arteries, causing heart failure and eventually death. Adult worms are 10 to 30 cm in length and about 1 mm in diameter.