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Dogs spend a lot of time waiting on us or just sleeping because that is the only thing to do. It is nice for them to have a bed all their own. Dog beds can alleviate the hygroma growth that is common with dogs that lay on hard surfaces. For older dogs, a dog bed can mean the difference between getting up in the morning without pain or not being able to get up at all.

We have many different types of dog bed to suit your furry friend. We have heated beds for the older pets or orthopedic foam tops to comfort their old bones. We have stylish beds for the younger generation.

  • Blankets-Throws

    Blankets & Throws

    Everybody loves their own blanket, your dog will too!

  • Cooling Dog Beds

    Cooling Beds

    Cooling beds are for dogs that love to lay outside on hot days! We worry about them so it makes sense to have them on a cool surface.
  • Heated Dog Beds

    Heated Dog Beds

    These beds are perfect for the younger dog that can't regulate their body temperature yet and for the seniors that have a hard time getting up and down in cooler/cold weather.
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Bessie and Barnie Bagel Dog Beds-Made in USA Christmas Snuggle Bugs Reversible Dog Beds Cool Cushion Dog Bed 2 sizes
Cuddle Cube Dog Bed Deluxe Cuddle Cube Deluxe Ortho Foam Dog Bed
Cuddle Cube Dog Bed
Our Price: $42.99
Deluxe Cuddle Cube
Our Price: $42.99
Deluxe Ortho Foam Dog Bed
Our Price: $29.99
Dog Bed K&H Deluxe Bolster Dog Couch Dog Bed K&H Feather Top Orthopedic Dog Bed K&H Memory Foam Cozy Sofa
K&H Hooded Lounge Sleeper Dog Bed K&H Memory Sleeper Dog Bed Midwest Quiet Time Fleece Dog Bed
Personalized Rectangle Dog Bed-Made in USA Pillow Insert for Rectangular Pet Bed Made in USA Superior Orthopedic Dog Bed
The Pendleton Collection National Park Dog Bed