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Small Dog Collar

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Make sure your collar is sized perfectly for your small dog. It is just as important to find the right size for a small dog as it is for a large dog, maybe more so. Small dogs get a lot more neck time when walking on a collar. It's essential the collar does not damage their throat.

Safety Buckles: This collar helps keep your dog safer when playing with other dogs or just playing in the yard. The break-away buckle auto-releases under pressure if an object such as a fence, deck, kennel, or crate snags the collar. The buckles pull apart at approximately 8 pounds pull. They can be used securely with a leash without breaking away by fastening the leash through the two D rings.

All-Metal fittings Collars are both lightweight and sturdy, weighing less than an ounce. Buckle colors are Silver, Rose Gold, or Gold finish. These collars can be personalized.

Diva-Dog adjustable dog collars are made of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon,
Quintuple stitched at stress points for added strength. The collars come in sizes Teacup to small.