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In order to live successfully with your dog, you will need to maintain a standard of cleanliness. We do not like smelly or shedding dogs in our homes. Dog nails that are too long can cause lameness.

It is not always convenient to visit the groomer or make a trip to the vet for grooming and nail clipping. We can help you with everyday grooming products to get the job done at home.

Our Balance, Kenic, Barktini and Natrelle' Shampoos, conditioners and colognes are made in the USA!

Balance Shampoo, Cream Rinse & Misc Dog Colognes Professional Groomer Supplies
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2000 Forced Air Dryer Blue/Red Gallon Pump KENIC Christmas Cheer Pet Cologne
Gallon Pump
Our Price: $8.99
KENIC Christmas Cheer Pet Shampoo Kenic Christmas Cookie Cologne Kenic Christmas Cookie Shampoo
Kenic Santa's Cider Cologne Kenic Santa's Cider Shampoo