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Dogs Wiggles and Grins creator and owner, Toni Klemko, has extensive first-hand knowledge and broad experience with what dogs need and want to live happy, fulfilling lives. Toni is a retired professional dog trainer and has taught many dog owners how to satisfy their dog’s innate needs to become wonderful canine citizens. As a rescuer for over 15 years (Klemko Akita Rescue Family), she appreciates the challenges many dogs face and has an exceptional instinct for ways to help them overcome these challenges.

The choice of products offered on Dogs Wiggles and Grins is a reflection of this experience and will certainly provide any dog owner with positive solutions to their own dog’s challenges. Having worked the retail side of animal products for over 15 years, Toni is all too familiar with the need for dependable, long-lasting, safe products and provides choices that satisfy those high standards.

She has experience as a trained groomer and her own canine crew has provided her with opportunities for personal feed-back on what products work like magic and can help dog owners pamper their canine pals and make them look like they are ready for the big show. As you can see, we have all types of coats to look after and different challenges when it comes to training equipment. I am a positive method trainer. I only use equipment that will work.

My mission is to help one dog at a time live a full life safely. I carefully handpick the training tools such as collars, harnesses, leashes, and crates and choose the ones that offer no harm to your pet. I firmly believe that we are partners with our pets, not their "masters". With that in mind, you train a pet just as you would a human child. Consistency, repetition, and patience. Bad habits are not learned in a day and can not be corrected in a day.

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