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Does your dog "need" a coat? Besides being cute, dog clothes have a function. Some smaller and older dogs can't regulate their heat thermostat in cold weather, have short thin hair, or are kept clipped short to prevent matting. These dogs might need a coat, sweater, or jacket depending on how cold your winters are and how long they take to go potty. We offer a wide selection of top-quality dog clothes. Our dog clothes are in high demand. We replenish stock from August to December.
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Doggie Design Hawaiian Dog Camp Shirts
Dressing your dog should be second nature. We have a wide variety of dog shirts, dresses, coats, and sweaters. We pride ourselves on offering sizes from a 3# Yorkie to a 150# Great Dane.

Big Dog Clothing - Shop our Big Dog T-shirts and Stylish Knit Sweaters. Our Motorcycle Jackets are great fun.

Our Alpine All-Weather Coats and Alpine Puffer Coats are very popular.

The Classic Sweatshirt Hoodies are a force of their own with soft stretchable fleece that provides warmth and comfort. Roomy design for layering that can provide fashion and additional warmth. Stretchable fleece moves with your dog, and they can't get their nails caught.

The Doggie Design Highline Fleece Coat is a prime example of cold-weather coats. Designed with ease in mind for both human and canine alike, after slipping the front paws through the coat, attach the touch fastener tabs at the top, and you’re ready for the park. Made from a thick 280-gram fleece - these coats will keep every pup comfy and warm this fall and winter season. The touch fastener tab design across the back makes it easy to adjust fit and attach a leash to a Doggie Design harness underneath.