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Dog Clothes

Does your dog "need" a coat? Besides being cute, dog clothes have a function. Some smaller and older dogs can't regulate their heat thermostat in cold weather,have short thin hair or are kept clipped short to prevent matting. These dogs might need a coat, sweater or jacket depending on how cold your winters are and how long they take to go potty.

We offer a wide selection of top quality dog clothes.Our dog clothes are in high demand. We replenish stock from August to December.

  • Big Dawg Clothes

    Big Dawg Clothes

    Look for your big dog clothes here!! We carry T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Jackets and Coats. Just because your big dog is, well big, doesn't mean they have enough fur to stay warm.
  • Cool Dog T-Shirts

    Dog T-Shirts

    Let them tell the world what they think with one of our cool dog t-shirts. Cool sayings in rhinestones or silk screened.
  • Dog Sweaters


    Beautiful dog sweaters to keep the chill off your pet. All of our sweaters are machine washable, air dry.
  • Hoodies

    Dog Hoodies

    My dogs always have cold ears. Problem solved with a hoodie. The hoodie keeps their ears toasty warm.
  • Small Dog Dresses

    Small Dog Dresses

    Every small little girl doggie needs a dress for dress up times. Our Small Dog Dresses are just the thing. Our selections feature comfort, are hand washable and some come with their very own matching leash.
  • Small Dog Tanks & T-Shirts

    Small Tanks & T-Shirts

    Our fur kidz at some point need a cover up, either for chilly days or just to look good. Looking good in our Tank shirts and feeling good in our T-Shirts, for night on the town or night by the bonfire.
  • Winter Dog Coats & Coat Harnesses

    Warm Winter Dog Coats

    For short haired dogs, no matter the size, they need a coat in bad winter weather. Our coats range from X-Small to XXX-Large for all size dogs. For smaller dogs that need a harness that doubles as a coat, we have that too.
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