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Dog Leashes

Most states have a leash law, or at the very least a law that states your dog must be under control at all times. We all know that dogs will act like a dog at the least opportune time. A perfectly trained dog can jump on someone and hurt them, or jump on a smaller dog in an effort to play. Keep your dog safe by always walking them on a leash.

We have many leashes that match our collars and harnesses.
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1 Ply Nylon Dog Leash 10mm Plain Faux Croc Leash 1/2"-3/4" Wide 18mm Two Tier Faux Croc Leash Black 1/2"-3/4" Wide
1 Ply Nylon Dog Leash
Our Price: $9.99
18mm Two Tier Metallic Leash 1/2"-3/4" Wide 3/8" (10mm) Faux Croc Two Tier Collars Black 1/2" & 3/4" Leash American Cutie Ribbon Dog Leash 1 wide
Bravo Double Thick Nylon Dog Leash Leather Dog Leashes EZ Leash
Dover Court Leash
Our Price: $48.99
EZ Leash
Our Price: $25.99
Monster Walker Dog Leash National Park Themed Leashes and Collars Rolled Leather Dog Leash
Monster Walker Dog Leash
Our Price: $24.99
Signature Swivel 6' Dog Leads with a Swivel Leather Dog Leashes
Town Leather Leash
Our Price: $30.99