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Featured Products

Rhinestone Christmas Santa Penguin Hoodie-XSm-X-Large PupSTEP Plus Wood Pet Stairs
Our Low Price: $18.99
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Our Low Price: $111.99
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Christmas Santa Penguin Rhinestone Hoodie PupSTEP Plus Wood Pet Stairs
Waddle, waddle, peep, peep. Won't your little friend look adorable in this super cute hoodie for winter? This hoodie is for lightweight protection from chilly days and nights. It's also great for inside the house when you keep the temperature turned down. Give everyone a different color and you have color-coordinated doggies.

These stairs are a lovely addition to your home for the convenience of your beloved pet. Rich walnut-stained wood construction, these Wood Stairs can be proudly displayed in your home. If needed, they can be folded flat for convenient storage or transport.

K&H Heated Dog Bed Lectro-Soft Lickimat Wobble Bowl
Our Low Price: $82.99
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Our Low Price: $22.99
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K&H Heated Dog Bed Lectro-Soft Lickimat Wobble Bowl
The Lectro‐Soft comes in 3 sizes and is extremely low wattage. Perfect for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches, or any other outdoor shelter. This soft, orthopedic bed is unique in that it will still provide soft, comfortable warmth even in sub‐zero weather!

The pups come running when you break out the Lickimat™ Wobble Bowl. You will never find a more laughable way to entertain your dog. This bowl makes them "root" when it's in a bowl shape, but if you turn it inside out like a dome, they "lick it like they stole it." My 11-year-old Cattle Dog, Nela, has a ball with this bowl. She licks all the peanut butter off and then pounces on it.

Solvit Care Lift Lifting Harness For pets 6-130 Lbs Wire Dog Crate Midwest Big 54 " x 35 " x 45 "
Our Low Price: $25.99
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Our Low Price: $259.99
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Solvit CareLift Lifting Harness For pets 6-130 Lbs Dog Crate Midwest Big 54"
The Solvit CareLift Lifting Harness is excellent for assisting pets upstairs, into vehicles, and so much more!! As the parent of large dogs (my smallest is over 50#), I can tell you that they need help standing if they are injured or arthritic. Unless you are a contortionist, you will need a helper. This harness covers all problems with a separate back harness, or you can opt for a complete set (front and back) just in case it's needed.

No matter how big they, are they deserve a room of their own. Our Midwest crate measures a huge 54 " x 35 " x 45 " can handle even the biggest dogs inside it.