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How being an Affiliate works.
Last Updated: 07/28/2015

Go to Dogs Wiggles and Grins ( and click the Affiliate button at the bottom left of the page. Fill out the information and submit.

Once approved, you will receive two emails, one with the terms and conditions and the other with instructions on how to generate money for your cause.

The system generates a unique url for you to use that links all purchases through that link to your Affiliate account (how to is in the set up instructions). When people click your link and purchase a product, your affiliate account gets credited. Payouts are accruements of $50 or better. You never lose anything under the $50, it just accumulates.

Of course this program is made to benefit you. Not everyone is a fit, so if there is no activity on your account for 365 days you will lose your affiliation and any monies accrued in the account will be paid.

We know that people buy products for their dogs and cats too. The question is: Do you want them to buy at the local store or on the internet through a link where you can get funds. When a person is interested in you or your cause they will look to you to see if you sell anything they may need. Dogs Wiggles and Grins has a vast array of unique products that you can't get at the corner store.

You can put your link on Facebook, in emails, on your business cards and on your website. If you click on the logo at the top of this page you can see it will take you right to Dogs Wiggles and Grins page through the Klemko Akita Rescue link. So, any purchases made will be credited to Klemko Akita Rescue.

I look forward to helping you help your cause.

Dogs Wiggles and Grins
Toni Klemko

[email protected]

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