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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions
When you enroll in the Affiliate Program, you agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions. Dogs Wiggles and Grins, LLC reserves the right at any time and from time to time, without notice
The affiliate account allows you to make cash by hosting a banner ad link on your webpage or Facebook Page. To generate the banner code go to and log in. Click on "My Acco
Crate Training and why it's Important
Training your pet to view their crate as a safe haven is as important as feeding them. I notice that folks that do not crate train their dogs have really poor excuses that really mean " I don't want
Does my dog need a winter Dog Coat or Sweater?
Crazy as it sounds, smaller dogs are the most likely to need the extra insulation. Chihuahuas, toy terriers, miniature pinschers are among the smaller dogs that their bodies just can not deal with co
Dogs that Can't Swim
Pugs' small bodies make it a challenge for them to swim. Their weight and short legs work against them when they are in water. Not all Pugs like to swim, so they may avoid the water. They should be m
EZ Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses
Wow!!! if ever a time has come for a product, it is now, and this is the product. The EZ Company has made our doggy's lives so much better with their series of collars, leashes and harnesses that
EZ Living Dog Bed Size Chart
Fire Evacuation Plan for Pets
Alert your veterinarian about the fire. Your vet can help if your pets are traumatized. Pets are very sensitive to our emotions and if you are in a fire your emotions are off the wall. Our pets worry
Flies that bite dogs
Pictures of biting flies. I live in PA and the state actually sprays for the black fly yearly. They are quite the pest. Black Fly Stable Fly Horse Fly Deer Fly
Heartworm Disease
If you have mosquitoes, your dog should be on heartworm preventive. No doubt about it.
Helpful Links & Rescue Affiliates
Welcome to our Helpful Links and Resource Page. Here we would like to share other stores that offer complementary products that Dogs Wiggles and Grins doesn't carry and our favorite dog rescues. I sc
How being an Affiliate works.
HOW IT WORKS Go to Dogs Wiggles and Grins ( and click the Affiliate button at the bottom left of the page. Fill out the information and submit. Once approve
How to install your In-Wall Designer Pet Eatery
Installation of the In-Wall Pet Eatery is quick and simple. You just need a couple of tools and you are good to go.
How to measure your dog for a Life Jacket or a Life Vest.
Length measurement is base of the tail to base of the neck area. Girth measurement is around their middle. As a rule measure girth where the strap will fit.
Hygroma Growth on Dog Elbows
Dogs at Increased Risk Any dog, of any breed or mixed breed and of either gender, can develop pressure sores. However, they are most common in large and giant-breed dogs - such as the Mastiff, Cane C
Leather Glossary
Bridle Leather: Our tan and black leather products are made of Bridle Leather. Bridle Leather is used to make many of our harnesses and collars because of its rich color and ability to withstand hars
Measuring for Harnesses
How to measure your dog for the best possible fit! The best way to choose the correct size range is to measure your pet. A dressmaker’s tape measure is the most accurate, or a shoelace or piece of
Measuring for No-Pull Harnesses
How to measure your dog for the best possible fit! The best way to choose the correct size range is to measure your pet. A dressmaker’s tape measure is the most accurate, or a shoelace or piece of
Push Pushi Return Policy
Push Pushi products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer's return policy supersedes Dogs Wiggles and Grins return Policy. RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY For items
Start Earning Today for your Non-Profit with Dogs Wiggles and Grins Affiliate Program!
Dogs Wiggles and Grins is sponsoring an Affiliate Program for nonprofits to help you make needed cash for your cause. Your nonprofit does not have to be 501(3)(c) but you do have to be regis